Hey friends –

All of us really believe in the importance of local record stores.  Unfortunately, there are less than 300 on the planet.  The internet is great for some stuff, but you don’t get to bump into people who are looking through music bins. You don’t get to talk to the person next to you.  People with different ideas than you.  Do not buy albums online digitally.  Preserve the sanctuary of the privately held music store where you can bump into a stranger and discuss music and life.  If it weren’t for Record Stores, there would be no R.E.M. – Pete Buck met Mike Stipe at the local record store in Athens, GA & shortly thereafter bumped into Bill Berry and Mike Mills buying albums at the same store.  That ain’t ever going to happen at Best Buy or on iTunes.

We follow Bruce Springsteen’s take on this: “I tell my kids it’s OK to buy a single – even two tracks from an album.  Any more & take your business to a record store.”

We have a love affair with our local record store because they are cool, listen and are trying to reinvent themselves to stay in the game.  Steve Warrenfeltz is one of the owners & also the head of Waterloo Sunset Records that the Made In Aurora projects are on.  He & Mike Messerschmidt own Kiss the Sky and we couldn’t be more content to know them.  Please call them & tell ’em that HOSS sent ‘ya.  Sit on the phone w/them & pick their brain – new releases, must haves, etc.

Order HOSS CD’s & Vinyl OR anyone’s & they’ll ship it to you.   Come on – reach out & make a connection. 

Kiss the Sky
180 1st Street
Batavia, IL 60510