Two Brothers Roundhouse (Mike Dietzman photo)

The band roster includes:

Peter Lindenmeyer – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Karl Holzl – lead guitar, banjo
Brad Schieber – bass, vocals, mandolin
Jason Waggoner – drums, sweetness
Bob Lisberg – keys
Scott Sprandel – guitar

Long ago, in a basement far far away…Peter Lindenmeyer, Karl Holzl and Brad Schieber took a flying leap at a bluegrass band.  They realized that what they were doing was more of a back porch whiskey-fueled stomp band and quickly added Jason Waggoner on drums.  Larry Misukanis joined on guitar and HOSS was born in 2001 and for first gig, took the stage in front of a large Labor Day crowd at Naperville’s Last Fling.  The band quickly put out the first album, HOSS

Sheldon Wheaton joined the band on keys in 2003 and HOSS played live shows throughout the greater Chicago area while writing new material.  The band went back into the studio in 2004 and released one seven five, appropriately named after a handle-bottle of bourbon.  This album showed departure from the stripped down first release.   The songs rode the roller coaster of the album’s title and provided a great window into the direction the songwriting, musicianship, and band was heading.

Larry took hiatus from the band in 2007 and the band went back to work, writing and performing live.  HOSS’ evolution to a more mature rock band is apparent in this time and they went back into the studio to record Love Takes a Holiday, which was released at the end of 2008.  The songwriting and layers of instrumentation reached a new level, as the band delivered a solid rock album.

“…the album (Love Takes A Holiday) is very good, and you should check it out, particularly if you like that Son Volt/Drive-By Truckers electrified southern rock sound.”
Andre Salles, SunTimes Newsgroup writer

“The album (Love Takes A Holiday) was over a year in the making and it shows…it’s stunningly self-produced.  From the beginning until the end, the album plays like a 60-minute encore.”
– Steve Warrenfeltz, Owner of Waterloo Sunset Records and Kiss the Sky Record Store

Sheldon Wheaton departed in 2010 and Bob Lisberg joined on keys.  HOSS continued to perform live throughout the Chicago metro and in early 2011, contributed to the Made In Aurora: Vol. 1 record store day release along with many other Fox River Valley artists.  The project was crafted by Steve Warrenfeltz, head of Waterloo Sunset Records and Owner of Kiss the Sky record store, and recorded at Back Third Studios in Aurora and released on vinyl + CD.  MIA: Vol. 1 has been nominated for the 11th Annual Independent Music Awards for Best Compilation and all proceeds from the album’s sale benefited the Paul Ruby Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease, a cause that’s very close to the band.

The second Waterloo Sunset project was a Christmas album, Made In Aurora: Vol. 2, on which HOSS contributed one song and featured the Pawnshop Horns (Jay Harrison, Jim Barsanti & Chris Galor), who had been performing with HOSS at select shows for about three years.  The album was performed live at Copley Theatre in Aurora in December 2012 and also released on DVD.

Scott Sprandel joined the band in 2012 on guitar, filling the vacancy from Larry’s departure.  The band is presently working on new material and is starting the summer festival season.